Podcast: State of the Union

We’re baaaaaaaackkkkkkk. In the two years since we’ve been gone a lot has changed and seemingly the world has lost its mind. Obviously our absence has created some crazy evil vortex or weird dimension where Donald Trump is possibly the next POTUS, race relations in the US have gotten worse, the Middle East has gotten even worser (yes, Mom I know that’s not word) and Adam has a wife. The last one is by far the strangest.

Healthy From The Inside Out (Video)


In this podcast we interview Dion Taylor, an entrepreneur (RawONE Food), a dedicated husband, a health advocate (both physical and spiritual) and a life-long learner working towards living a harmonious and balanced life.

Podcast: Being vs Doing

Being vs Doing

Being vs Doing… We discuss what this means to us, and how we strike a balance between the two. Obviously, it takes a lot of doing in order to survive in this world, but to survive spiritually, it’s vital to just “be.”

Podcast 7: Be Kind (To Yourself)

be kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. In this podcast, we discuss the importance of having a positive internal dialogue, we give a few examples of practical applications, and we laugh at each other quite a bit. Enjoy!

Podcast 6: Defining Success

Success!? Everyone experiences success, although they may not recognize it as such. So, the question is, how is success defined. We kick around the idea of success, laugh a lot (mostly at ourselves) and discuss how we define success.

Podcast 5: The Great Mistake

Who’s never made a mistake? Exactly. We all have, now Wade’s probably made much bigger ones than most people, but who’s counting besides Adam. Instead of the mistake being the focal point, why not focus on what there is to learn from the mistake.

Podcast 4: “Stealing” A Better Life

Topic? We don’t need no stinking topic!! We wing it a little bit, Wade talks about The Grind, and Adam drops a surprisingly deep story about 3000 miles, 3000 dollars, and how it was all worth it. Also, you get the pleasure of hearing one of Wade’s infamous Wadeisms… “Goodluckily” and it’s the word of the day.

Podcast 3: Meditation

In this podcast we bookend the show with spontaneous dancing, Wade tries to do 30 diamond push-ups without stopping, and on a more relevant note… we talk about meditation. Join us as we discuss why we meditate, how we meditate, the science behind meditation and the benefits it produces.

Podcast 2: Progress

In this podcast we discuss Wade’s terrible artistic talent, how eating cheesecake is not part of a gluten free diet, and why self-induced double whammy’s are counter-productive. Oh yeah.. and how to make progress.

Podcast 1: Introduction

We are 2 Lowe Brothers. We bought a microphone. We create podcasts (now). Ever since we were young kids, we were best friends, we competed, we punched each other (but never in the face – that was our rule), but there was a hope and a sense that one day we would find something we could both pour ourselves into. We think we found it. This introductory podcast gives you a little background about us and kicks off our new adventure.