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A big thanks to our friend Dion Taylor. He was brave enough to be our first interview! We tried something different for this podcast, actually two things. First, we interviewed someone, and secondly, we videoed the interview. Not only can you now hear us, but you can see us. We’ve officially arrived in the 21st century. Go us.

Other than being a great friend, Dion is an entrepreneur (RawONE Food), a dedicated husband, a health advocate (both physical and spiritual) and a life long learner working towards living a harmonious and balanced life. What’s so impressive is that he and his wife are building a business that aligns with their core beliefs and philosophy on life. They are leading by example and helping to increase humanities consciousness one healthy snack at a time.

As usual we laugh, cut up and have a good time, but we really like what Dion has to share, and we think you will to. Below are some things you can expect to learn as you listen to the show:

  • How to live a healthy life from the inside out
  • How to learn to follow your own “truth” vs. other peoples “truth”
  • Why community is so important to help you grow
  • Why the corporate world is so “weird” and unfulfilling
  • Why trusting in yourself is the only life-line you have
  • Something we all know… women are the stronger species and men’s egos are fragile
  • People buy your passion and your story
  • How to pivot your business when the model isn’t working
  • How to get your product in Whole Foods
  • How to do deal with the sacrifices entrepreneurs make to build their business
  • What to look for inside yourself (physical self and lineage) to optimize your health


With a new understanding of how to be healthier (mentally, physically and spiritually) we end the session with our Impact Of The Week segment. Wade kicks it off with a quote by author unknown (because he likely made it up) about remembering to surrender, Adam shares a blog post about how to talk to your daughter about body image and why the “blue hour” is his favorite part of the day, followed by Dion closing the conversation with some relationship advise.

We hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoy putting them together, and please let us know what you think below.

Last, but not least, we dance our way off the show.

Learn, Laugh, Grow.



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