Podcast 2: Progress

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In this podcast we discuss Wade’s terrible artistic talent, how eating cheesecake is not part of a gluten free diet, why self induced double whammy’s are self defeating and how to make progress.

Adam loves TED… TED Talks that is, and he shares what he learned from Phil Hansen’s “Embrace the Shake” TED Talk. At a high level, find a way to take a limitation and use it as a spring board for creativity. Not easily achieved, but Adam will show you how!

Wade shares how a talk by Tara Brach helped him realize everything is always “copacetic”, how certainty prohibits growth and how the beginners mind can teach us to be inclusionary. He also explains why Adam does the web design and you’ll be glad that’s the case.

Lastly, Adam says Wade cried in this podcast, Wade says no way. Give it listen and let us know which side you’re on… he definitely didn’t cry, he just had a cold!


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  1. Love this!

    • Adam

      Thanks Leslie! We’re having fun with it! Much appreciated on the nice comment. Hope things are going well with you and the family!

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