Podcast 3: Meditation

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In this podcast we bookend the show with spontaneous dancing, Wade tries to do 30 diamond push-ups without stopping, and on a more relevant note… we talk about meditation. Join us as we discuss why we meditate, how we meditate, the science behind meditation and the benefits it produces.

We’re no gurus, but we know a bit about meditation, especially why its called a meditation practice. You don’t have to be a Buddhist monk, or religious at all for that matter, to benefit from the practice. Like anything, the more you practice the better you get… and the more you benefit.

Adam shares with us what he learned from Andy Puddicombe’s TED Talk and shares how running or exercise can have the same effect. Wade explains why meditation has helped him be less “bonkers” and how it has made this quote a reality: “Between stimulus and response is a space. In that space lies our freedom and the power to choose our response. In those choices lie our growth and our happiness.”

Whether it’s meditation or something different, we hope you have found or will find something that allows you to bring peace to your inner world. Having peace internally will begin to reflect itself in your outer world. We hope this podcast shines a light on the path to that place of peace.


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  1. WOW – I listened to all three podcasts today (not back to back…). It is great to HEAR that both of you still have so much of what you had in high school – mostly the relationship that you have with each other! I had reconnected with Wade a little via email but was great to hear from Adam as well. Hope you are both doing well and would love to stay in touch!

    • Adam

      Mr. Dillon!! How are you?? Thanks for the nice comment, much appreciated and glad you enjoyed the podcasts. I did talk with Wade about how you two had gotten back in touch, that’s awesome. Hope everything is going well with you, would love to keep in touch, reach out anytime.

    • Scott! Thanks for the note. I’ll give Adam the memo that he doesn’t need to call you Mr. Dillon anymore :) I owe you an email….sorry for the delay, but I’ll ping you this week. Appreciate you listening to the podcast’s!