Podcast 4: “Stealing” A Better Life

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We kick off this podcast with Adam playing his air drums and spontaneously dancing, explaining why Wade’s not invited to the party, and describing why you might never actually hear what you’re about to listen to. As Allen Iverson likes to say “Practice!?” Also, you get the pleasure of hearing one of Wade’s infamous Wadeisms… “Goodluckily!” and it’s the word of the day.

We wanted to try a different format, so we decided to wing it and go topic-less. However, Wade had a topic in mind all week and torpedoed Adam with it. The topic of choice, The Grind. Let’s be honest, for most of us (except for Adam and his house on the pedestal) there are days and sometimes weeks where you just have to grind through it. Period. We can’t always be at our best. So the question becomes, can you continue to make progress even when you don’t feel like it. We answer that question and talk about how we do it.

Wade also touches on his definition of success and we kick that around for a bit, but Adam “steals” the show with a great story of humility and how to be a better person. We’ve determined Adam should come to these podcasts more often with nothing in mind to talk about.

Lastly, Wade sits next to Adam in his underwear (not during the podcast) and Adam was appalled, but was present enough to snap a picture of it. If you want us to post it we need 100 comments below. Oh, and Wade and Jill brought a new baby boy in to the world!


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  1. These have been great. Made me laugh so hard that I cried a few times! Keep em’ coming.

    • Adam

      Awesome, thanks Matt, we recorded one Monday and were dying laughing at the end, it was hilarious. Glad your enjoying, we’ll keep em’ coming.

    • Thanks, Matt! Glad to hear. Adam has now set your expectations too high and ruined it for everyone….although it is pretty dang funny! Have a great weekend man and let’s catch up soon.

  2. It’s great hearing your voices! I’ve had fun listening and it brings me back a little. Congrats to you both. This is an amazing project. What’s best is, it’s real. Life is emotional and you guys are talking about it, good and bad. I think people can relate. I will keep tuning in…and pass it along.

    • Thanks, Zina! Really appreciate the note and great to hear from you. Adam’s sitting here and says hello. Glad you like it, we’re having a blast. Hope all is well in your world!

  3. Dad

    Since Wade in his underwear, so I can skip that and I should be a guest on your podcast in Dec. I have a TON of stories.

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