Podcast 5: The Great Mistake

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Who’s never made a mistake? Exactly. We all have, now Wade’s probably made much bigger ones than most people, but who’s counting besides Adam. Instead of the mistake being the focal point, why not focus on what there is to learn from the mistake. That’s what we discuss in this podcast, our biggest mistake, of which there was a plethora to choose from, but more importantly, what we learned. Here’s a hint, don’t do things for the money and don’t cheat on your girlfriend.

Since our mission is to learn, laugh and grow we hold true to our commitment and have a good time, laughing hard while talking through these matters. Also, Adam explains why smiley face emoticons are borderline unacceptable, Wade describes how knowing people are listening to this is now making him nervous, we talk about what impacted us the most this week and of course, we end the show with really terrible dancing.

There are two perspectives on mistakes and the lessons to be derived. One perspective is everything happens for a reason, and sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and you make bad decisions. Harsh, but possibly true. The other perspective is, “every situation is your teacher”. When listening to us talk through our mistakes, maybe think back to some of your bigger blunders and see which camp you fall in. It’s a fun and humbling game to play.

We’re hoping that our authenticity and transparency will help you see that nobody is perfect and that it’s what you take from the situation that’s important, not the actual mistake itself. Plus, if we can look back and learn and laugh from our mistakes, surely you can to.

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5 Responses

  1. I have not seen you guys in almost 2 decades but was listening to you two while driving down the road today. Great stuff. It put a smile on my face. Looking forward to future podcasts.

    • Adam

      Rob! What’s happening man. It’s amazing how quickly 2 decades can fly by. Hope all is well, really appreciate the comment. Let us know if you ever need anything man, we’ll keep creating these podcasts, we’re having fun with it.

    • Great to hear from you Rob! Thanks for listening. Glad you like it. Hope all is well in your world.

  2. Good stuff boyz! Laughed a few times too!

    • Adam

      Thanks Fross-moss, football season starts soon, might be a good excuse to get together and catch a game!