Podcast 6: Defining Success

NOTE: The audio in this podcast is a little wacky until the 12:00 mark, sorry about that! If you find it to be annoying, just fast forward to 12:00 and it’s clear sailing after that.

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Success!? Everyone experiences success, although they may not recognize it as such. So, the question is, how is success defined. We kick around the idea of what makes someone successful, we argue a little bit, and then we laugh a lot (mostly at ourselves) as we try to define what success means to us. Here’s a hint. It doesn’t matter what we think, it only matters what you think.

Adam was a bit under the weather, but pulled through nicely. We talk about our “success” in our most recent games of pickup basketball (yes we still got it and yes Wade’s still sore), connecting with Lewis Howes, and how getting outside of your comfort zone produces growth and results. Most importantly though, we come to the realization that Adam won’t be able to pay his bills when he is 80.

Though we have very different perspectives on success, we agree fundamentally on a few things. One thing we agree on is that approaching success holistically will likely lead to a more satisfactory life. That said, Wade does get on his soap box for a minute regarding the Baby Boomers, perhaps with some validity, but still primarily focused on the monetary aspect of success.

Ultimately, here is where we landed.

  • True to yourself
  • Harmony
  • Content and grateful
  • It’s not about what you do, but how you do it
  • Perspective
  • Helping others
  • DIF

We hope you enjoy listening as much we enjoy putting these together. We also hope you can take something we talk about and incorporate it into your life, helping you learn, laugh and grow. And last but not least, we end with a high-five and bad dancing.


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