Podcast 7: Be Kind (To Yourself)

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In this podcast, we picked the topic of being kind to yourself, even though we’re not always great living examples. As promised though, we begin and end with laughing, and that’s always one of our main goals when we flip on the mic. This week’s topic is particularly relevant as Adam finds himself in a rare but VERY grumpy mood, and Wade talks about the irony of doing a podcast on kindness less than 12 hours after acting like a jerk.

be kind to yourself

There are a few gems and life lessons that we got around to focusing on. It’s common for us to sometimes be our own worst enemy with a constant internal dialogue that carries a negative tone. Perhaps we’re critical of how we look physically, or about ourselves when we make mistakes, or maybe it’s just a general feeling of not being good enough. Our thoughts are powerful and shape how we see the world around us, but we’ve learned that they are just thoughts, and they can be changed. Adam discusses how refusing to beat himself up over smoking paved the way to a miraculously easy road to quitting. Wade believes gratitude is the touchstone to kindness, and challenges anyone listening to attempt feeling grateful and discontent simultaneously (it’s impossible, he says).

Gratitude is the touchstone to kindness

The question arises, how are you treating yourself? Do you love yourself RIGHT NOW for being exactly who you are at this moment? Have you given yourself a high-five lately? Are you paying attention to all the good things in your life, or are you focused on the negative and being cut you to pieces by your thoughts?. A wonderful Dove marketing campaign focused on the very question of how we view ourselves, and the results are inspiring. We challenge you to pay attention to your thoughts, become aware of the inner dialogue and how your view yourself. The first step towards a change is awareness.

Are you paying attention to all the good things in your life?

Adam references one of his favorite books as an excellent example of loving yourself, and the consequences of not doing so: Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani. Wade pulls a nice quote from Tiny Buddha detailing a powerful example of a major mindshift towards self-kindness. And finally, we close with Adam calling bullshit on Wade’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich story, which results in a laugh attack.

Admittedly, we are no experts. Though we have both been through significant personal and internal struggles only to emerge on the other side with considerable improvements in the area of kindness and loving ourselves. As with all of the things we discuss, we have plenty of room for improvement. Our goal is to bring awareness to these topics in a light-hearted and hopefully funny way, and give you something to think about.


5 Responses

  1. Ben

    Good stuff! Enjoying listening to you guys. Peanut butter sandwiches again?? I liked the LWC shout out too! Keep up the good work!

    • Adam

      Thanks Ben! Don’t encourage my brother and his made up stories haha. Thanks for the comment man, hope you’re doing well. Go LWC!

  2. Hi Aunt Patty! Thanks for listening and for the comment. In my humble opinion the only person you should worry about failing is yourself. If you take good care of yourself you can then take good care of others. Your true value is derived from how you feel about you, regardless of what others think. If you like you others will surely follow and if not…..who gives a bleep! Have a great weekend and thanks for engaging.

  3. Hi Boys,
    I listen to all of your podcasts. Some are above my 62 yr old head!! The one today about being nice to yourself was good, but left me a little confused. I have a dicotomy in my relationship with myself. Please don’t quote me on this. My main concern is to help others, be there when they need me and always always don’t want to make anyone mad or sad. I grew up being bullied from 4th grade until I graduated….hence the person that I am now!! I LOVE the person that I am for others. I feel like I’m kind and helpful because of Mimi and my sisters, who were always there for me. On the flip side – I worry TOO much about what people think (not monetarily or any of that), but dwell on the fact that I may have said something or done something that was not nice or upset them. I am nice to myself in the fact that I always help whoever needs it and it makes me feel so good. But I beat myself up if I feel like I have failed someone. Love your podcasts and listen to all of them. Some relate to me more than others. Keep up the good work and I love you guys.

    • Adam

      Aunt Patty! Thanks for the nice comments and the thoughtful response. We definitely don’t have all the answers, my best advice (and what’s worked for me in the past) is to seek… that’s it. Whenever I’ve had a concern or something was bothering me, I’ve simply decided to seek out a solution. My experience has been that a solution always appears. I hear you about the dichotomy, I lived with that mindset for a long time, a lot of those troubles went away when I quit drinking though haha. It takes practice to change a mindset, but if your willing to pay attention to those types of things and seek out answers, you’ll find peace as it relates to that situation. Oh, and Wade responded to your comment also, but he doesn’t really know how to use technology very well so his reply is showing above your comment, make sure you check it out. We love you too, thanks for listening.

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