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We’re baaaaaaaackkkkkkk. In the two years since we’ve been gone a lot has changed and seemingly the world has lost its mind. Obviously our absence has created some crazy evil vortex or weird dimension where Donald Trump is possibly the next POTUS, race relations in the US have gotten worse, the Middle East has gotten even worser (yes, Mom I know that’s not word) and Adam has a wife. The last one is by far the strangest.

So, with all that in mind, and the craziness of the world today, we decided it was time to beat back the crazy by publishing our next great work of art…..or stir the pot a little and make it worse. Being that it’s been over two years since we’ve recorded you’ll have to excuse the rust, but we eventually settle in and then Adam goes on rampage declaring he wants world domination, or at least that’s what I heard.

We kick off the episode with a quick life update. Much has changed for both of us and of course we find a way to find the humor in it all. We provide some reasoning for why we came out of retirement. One good reason being I have a little more free time on my hands, but the primary reason, as mentioned above, is the world seems to be absolutely losing its mind.

Since it’s a been a while since our last episode we thought we would re-enter with a bang, diving in to such topics as politics, the upcoming election, race relations and the Middle East. What could possibly go wrong with two borderline middle age, semi-successful, white guys tackling those topics? Disclaimer; the views and opinions of these two knuckleheads do not represent the views and opinions of this company, this channel or any affiliates associated with this podcast.

The purpose of podcasting originally was to Learn, Laugh and Grow and we definitely hit a couple of those in the show. However, the reality is there is some crazy shit going on at the moment and we thought it would be interesting to discuss. Do we have the answers, no. Do we claim to be right, no (well Adam does a little). Do we think things are getting worse not better, for the moment, yes. Do we believe humanity has the ability to course correct, absolutely. In the meantime though, the best we can do is have a dialogue, engage in the process, continue to be little better every day and be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

This was a blast. We forgot how much fun we have doing it so stay tuned for more to come. We’ll try and bring some more positivity to the next episode as to balance this one out. As always, thanks for listening and enjoy!!

Learn. Laugh. Grow.

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